Thursday, 21 October 2010

A little update

University has started and I've changed from BA Computer Animation to BA Digital Character Animation. The work experience at Ubisoft Reflections was fantastic and I've learnt more than I could've imagined and am forever grateful to the good folks there for taking me under their wing.

So I've been busy working on my Final Year Project which is a 1 minute short film focussing on quality character animation. The project currently stands at about 30% complete, all pre-production are more or less ready and I just need the final audio before I can move on to the fun bit - ANIMATION! The reason for the lack of updates with pictures, renders or playblasts is because I'm contemplating submitting this piece to Animation Festivals. And correct me if I'm wrong, any published materials of my piece can't be available online until after the festivals have ended.

To be on the safe side, I'm only showing my work in progress to my peers in "offline" mode, so to speak. My personal deadline for this piece is Feb 1st 2011, just in time for Animex!

Motivational speak for the day:
Mark Walsh (of Pixar) once told me to never look back and that your new animations will always be better than going back to fix your previous. Can't agree more :)