Monday, 25 April 2011

CCA Animation Complete!

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Above is my completed animation for my Creative Character Animation module at Teesside University. The cool thing is it only took me about a week! You can follow the development blog for this here. Big props to Josh Burton for the amazing Morpheus Rig! Love the facial controls on this one, very extensive!

Monday, 18 April 2011

I'm going to Framestore!

This news is actually about 3 weeks old... but all this time I was waiting for the University to update their website with some sort of video or news or something, but hey... they sure are taking their sweet time. Long story short, I won the Animation and VFX Award at Expotees on 6th April 2011 and won myself a 6 month animation internship at Framestore, in London!

I had to hand-in my trophy for my name to be carved on it so am still waiting for it to come back to me... which is kinda why I delayed this post for so long. I wanted to post it with some pictures of the trophy and certificate. But it's been so long so I thought what the heck... people ought to know!

Yeah! So I am super excited about this opportunity and cannot wait to start. There are some pretty amazing animators over there!

CCA Blog

As part of my Creative Character Animation (CCA) modules at University, I have to create a development blog and record my progression. So hey, if you're interested in seeing how I get a shot done from blocking to final, go check it out!

The exercise is to animate a lip-sync piece to a pre-recorded sound clip. This animation I'm working on now is actually rather interesting. Why? Because if you thought my short film was subtle, then this one is even more so! It almost seems like I'm getting into even smaller details with every new animation and underplaying everything. Could just be I really like the subtle details and find it challenging...

But hey, I'd like to try for more extreme cartoony styles sometime in the summer to flex my animation muscles in a different direction for a change.