Monday, 17 December 2012

Some old animations from Uni

For the record I thought I'd post some of my earlier animations when I was still a student at Teesside Uni:

Not Typed (2008)
This animation was done in my spare time during my Second Year at Uni to practise my first character performance animation. It was entered into the 11 second club competition of December 2008 and got 50th place. Later it was entered into the VIS awards (2009) and won me a Character Animation Award which got me a one year placement at Ubisoft Reflections.

Trapped (2009)
This animation was also done in my Second Year at Uni for my 3D Character Animation module. This was fun to do to practise body mechanics and clear storytelling (without the use of audio).

For any students reading my blog, remember to keep looking for ways to improve. Animation is very hard work and you can't expect to succeed if you don't put the time in.

Thanks to Lynn for the email which inspired this post.